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involving leadership or project management You are fluent in French, Dutch and English. You are Digital savvy & passionate about new technologies and trends in telecom, ICT, cloud solutions, IoT,... You are agile, not scared of changing and innovating environments Curiosity and customer centricity are in your DNA You are a born team player, collaborating well with others and taking accountability You are ambitious, engaged and willing to be a Proximus Ambassador We ...

Location Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium 
Company name Proximus  Employment type internship  Start date 2019-02-10  Save job Save job

departmental collaboration, go-to-market strategies, regulatory constraints and customer support challenges. Job content Most of the projects lead by ARP Project Management derive from the execution of a 3 Years Business or Technical program roadmap. Different domains are covered such as Mass market products, Professional market (Telco and ICT) products, Fix and Mobile network evolution, etc ... The project manager Is accountable for delivering his projects in time, on budget and in scope ...

Location Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium 
Company name Proximus  Employment type internship  Start date 2019-01-24  Save job Save job

ORMIT Multicompany Management Traineeship - Do you want to lead the future? It's a complicated world we're living in. Things have never moved faster and futures have never been more insecure. To succeed in this new world, companies need a new breed of people. Young wolves that aren't afraid to lead and steer. To show the path and be the first to jump in the deep. Head first. It's these leaders we build here at ORMIT. It's what this traineeship is all about: transforming you from a talented ...

Location Belgium 
Company name ORMIT  Employment type internship  Start date 2019-03-12  Save job Save job

and have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through supporting HRBPs and various businesses. Some of the activities you will be involved in include talent management and performance review cycles; pan-EU HR projects; and technology based solutions for people development. You will also have the opportunity to support various clients with HR-related matters and requests. Expect to discover how cross-functional teams work with each other and who their internal customers are at all levels ...

Location Luxembourg, Belgium 
Company name Amazon Europe Core  Employment type internship  Start date 2019-01-24  Save job Save job

in English. Transversal thinking, design based thinking, end-to-end, lean, ... Much more than buzzwords to you. You have a natural-born interest in technology, robotics, A.I., ... You trust your analytical and critical mind. You are patient, persistent and know how to inspire people. What's in it for you? Boost your leadership skills with 20+ days of training. With on-the-job managers, personal coaches and trainers. 3 challenging missions where you create direct ...

Location Belgium 
Company name HeadCount  Employment type internship  Start date 2019-03-24  Save job Save job

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