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on smaller projects of which you will be in the lead. We’re looking for a bright analytical mind and curious go getter who worked hard for the following skills:   You have a technical or business-oriented master’s degree You’re task oriented and know how to solve a problem You know how to motivate people You’re interested in anything technology-related We are not a recruitment agency and we are not a consultancy agency either. We’re a different breed. We are tech ...

Location Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium 
Company name Exellys NV  Employment type internship  Start date 2019-06-13  Save job Save job

months as an account manager or field engineer in the country where you apply. 3 months on an operational project at national headquarters. It could be logistics, HR, finance, marketing or engineering. 6 months on a strategic project at regional headquarters. 3 months on an international project outside the region. If you’ve come from a mature market, you’ll work in an emerging market, and vice versa. We’re proud to rank in Great Places to Work 2015 as one of the world’s best ...

Location Belgium 
Company name HILTI  Employment type internship  Start date 2019-06-02  Save job Save job

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